Good Shit Auto Feminised Seeds

Good Shit Auto Feminised Seeds

Good Shit Auto Feminised Seeds

Phoenix Seeds has worked tirelessly to provide you with genuine Good Shit, at a fantastically low price, and we have finally done it! In addition to that excellent variety, we have developed an auto-flowering version of Good Shit!

Those who choose to smoke this strain can expect a pleasant, easy experience. When asked to describe the smoke's taste and texture, "luxurious" best sums it up. It's not just the strain's exotic appearance or exceptional quality, but both of those things make it stand out as something truly unique.

The end result is very similar; calm, easy, warm, and unhurried. There is absolutely no anxiety or paranoia associated with this effect at all.

The Sativa characteristics of these plants become more pronounced during growth, while the Indica traits emerge at the perfect time. While the plants themselves aren't particularly tall, they produce an abundance of long side branches that are prime for flowering.

It's common for those blooming spots to yield a moderate quantity of buds covered in a fine, white layer of resin.

The use of specialised growing methods, such as Sea of Green, can help indoor growers increase their harvests. This also encourages a slightly quicker flowering time, which is already rapid at around 9 weeks.

Even though Velvet Bud thrives in the outdoors and responds well to temperature swings, it is susceptible to mould and fungus if grown in a damp environment without proper care. Pick them before the first frost.

The best news is that these seeds can be grown successfully even by those with no prior experience doing so. Have you got the fundamentals down? Yes? Then put these seeds to work, and you won't be let down.

They have an almost perfect germination rate and are thus extremely dependable.



CBD Content
Powerful, Relaxing
Flowering time
56 days from germination
Flowering type
Good x Shit x AutoDude
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Seed type
Auto Flowering Seeds
THC Content
15% - 20%
Medium, High